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Trampoline Park Tips And Suggestions For Birthday Parties

Blowme Roberts, · Categories: Uncategorized

10 Tips When Taking Kids To A Trampoline Park


Trampoline Parks are becoming more and more popular in Fayetteville, Georgia entertainment centers, and party places.  These jumping playgrounds are a great way for families to have fun and wear themselves out after a day of playing. The best part is they’re fun all year ‘round regardless of the weather outside.

trampoline parkAs more and people visit these parks, we wanted to learn as much as we could about safety and planning for a great day of family fun. Our family visited Get Air in Fayetteville. Here’s what you need to know before you visit a trampoline park.

A great birthday party place

We saw a group of kids having the time of their life as part of a birthday party. This is a great bday party idea for kids or adults. The tables were all decorated along with catered food and we didn’t see one child out of a group of 15-20 kids that wasn’t smiling and laughing. We’ll be back for my son’s birthday in March, for sure.

Little kids have their own area to jump

At Get Air, children under 46 inches are not allowed in the main trampoline court. Because of this, Little Air is a designated children’s area made for little ones to roll and tumble without having to worry about any of the bigger kids. There’s also Toddler Time from 10AM – Noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays where toddlers get the park to themselves.

Fill out the waiver in advance

Safety is an important issue, and growing concern, at trampoline parks. We all want to take the utmost precautions while partaking in any adventurous activity seeing how one bad bounce or flip can result in serious and permanent injury.

Taking the time to review and complete the liability waiver in advance will inform you of the best jumping practices and safety rules of the park. Every person in your party needs a separate waiver. We took two of my kids’ friends with us and the online form made it easy for their parents to complete the waiver before our arrival. Nobody jumps without one. Another safety measure they have is this safety video, posted on their website and YouTube. You’ll likely be required to view a safety video before you can jump.

Avoid peak hours

Beware of weekends, school breaks, and other peak times. Get Air has thousands of square feet of trampoline activities, but only one person can use each foam pit at a time. It’s harder than it looks to climb out of a foam pit – a few minutes per jumper. If three or four people are in line in front of you, 25% of your hour could be used waiting for a single turn. That’s a waste of your time and we want you to make the most of the time you have.

Another reason to avoid peak hours is that open trampolines are safer when you don’t have to share with other jumpers. We visited on a Thursday afternoon after lunch and didn’t spend much time waiting. We had plenty of time to use the foam pits and the ninja course was wide open, our younger kids also had “Little Air” to themselves much of the time.

Plan to arrive a few minutes after the hour or half-hour

At Get Air in Fayetteville, GA the entrance fee buys you one hour in the trampoline park. That’s enough to wear out almost anyone, but we want to pass along a tip that will get you a few extra minutes. Get Air uses color-coded wristbands to keep track of time. We arrived at 1:10 pm and were given pink wristbands. At 1:30, everyone with yellow wristbands was asked to leave. At 2:00 pm, everyone with green wristbands was asked to leave. Our pink wristbands were called in at 2:30. So, we actually jumped for nearly an hour-and-a-half by arriving just AFTER 1:00.

kids jumpingWear athletic clothing

My skinny looks, even though they looked fabulous, were not the best choice for trying to jump and get out of a foam pit. You want to be comfortable and flexible when bouncing and trying to keep up with energetic children running all around. Athletic shorts, yoga pants, and t-shirts are good choices.

Don’t wear jewelry while jumping

It would be easy to snag jewelry on the trampoline park mats, nets, foam blocks, or pads. As well as not wanting to damage your jewelry while bouncing around; bracelets and dangly earrings could be safety hazards and should be left at home. The staff at Get Air Fayetteville emphasized how badly they would feel, as would I if I was to lose my wedding ring at the bottom of a foam pit. So, I took it off and left it in the center console of my vehicle.

Leave valuables at home or in the car

On a related note, your purse, phone, and camera are risky items at a place with so many people such as a trampoline park if left unattended. We all want to capture the fun things to do with photos from our phones or camera, but it’s hard to safely keep anything in your pockets while jumping around. I set my purse to the side and carried it from place to place, but bringing personal items past the front desk is discouraged and not a secure option when jumping.

At Get Air in Fayetteville, there are lockers near the front desk that are monitored by camera, but they don’t have locks. So if you don’t have a designated adult to monitor valuables I would suggest leaving them. The staff does a great job of security, but with that many people there, it’s hard to keep an eye on everyone in the seating areas while so much of their attention is focused on the jumpers.

Get the special grip socks

For many reasons, you and your party members will want to wear the grip socks to reduce the risk of having an awkward slip and fall. We purchased special grip socks for $2 that are washable and reusable, so they only need to be purchased once and you can use them every time to visit.

Adults can jump too

Even though my husband and I were the only adults over 25 trying to bust a move into the foam pits. That didn’t stop me from doing my best bouncing hippo impersonation and having a good time. We had a blast and burned a few much-needed calories. Nobody laughed, pointed or seemed to care how unimpressive our trampoline skills were. My husband even made use of the massage chairs after exhausting himself with an hour of exercise. It’s more of a workout than it looks!

Hope you all have fun and found these tips useful. For more information, you can visit the Get Air Fayetteville Trampoline Park website or give them a call and ask a friendly staff member about planning your next birthday party of fun activity.