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Tower Hobbies Millennium Master EP RC Plane Fun Flight

Blowme Roberts, · Categories: hobbies

This video features my buddy Tom flying his Tower Hobbies Millennium Master EP RC Plane. It is a nice little flyer as demonstrated by this fun flight for Bill and I. You can hear us both in the background throughout the flight.

I personally don’t own any Tower Hobbies RC Planes, but after seeing this one fly, I might just get one. I have had my eye on the Tower Hobbies F6F Hellcat modeled after the Grumman F6F Hellcat WWII Warbird, so that might be what I get as soon as I clear some room in the hanger. I did have my eye on their P-51 Mustang before I got my E-flite P-51 Mustang with the Dallas Doll paint scheme, but that ship sailed when I got that beauty.

Here is what Tower Hobbies has to say about this plane:

“The Millennium Master RC Plane features a very sleek, modern-looking profile. The design offers notable cruising speeds, outstanding performance and excellent visibility from the large, 2-seat cockpit. You’ll find that the Tower Hobbies Millennium Master Rx-R captures all of the full-size plane’s scale looks, from the flowing lines to the authentic trim scheme. It also replicates the kit’s wide performance envelope and sport aerobatic capabilities. Final assembly is a breeze — so you can be out enjoying the Millennium Master’s outstanding flight characteristics in no time.”

The Millennium Master is modeled after a real airplane. Here is some information on that below from Wiki:

The Millennium Master is a low wing, single engine, tandem two seats ultralight aircraft, constructed chiefly of carbon fiber. Designed and built in Italy, it flew for the first time in 2006.

The design of the Millennium Master stemmed from that of an earlier, wooden Asso X kit built aircraft but the structure and system on board have been entirely redesigned into prepreg carbon fibre by Millennium Aircraft. The structural design was done by the Department of Aerostructures at the University of Turin and the aerodynamics were investigated by Alenia.[1]

The Master has a low set, trapezoidal wing, though that plan is modified by an extended wing root fairing or glove, plus wing tips of the Küchemann type with curved leading edges. Flaps occupy the whole trailing edge inboard of the ailerons and have four settings. These flaps are slotted and are each in two spanwise parts, the break placed at the wing fold hinge line.[1]

A single piece canopy covers the tandem seats, with the rear seat higher than the other. Behind the cockpit the fuselage line falls to the tail. The tailplane is straight edged with rounded tips and carries marked anhedral. The fin and rudder are also straight edged but swept; there is a small additional ventral fin. Elevator has trim tabs. The Master has a tricycle undercarriage, the nosewheel retracting rearwards and the main legs inwards into the wings. The track is 2.01 m (6 ft 7 in).[1]

The Master is powered by a Rotax 912 ULS 100 HP (74 kW). It drives a two blade propeller with variable pitch in flight.[1]

The Master first flew on 27 May 2006 and appeared in public for the first time at Aero ’07 at Friedrichshafen in Germany in 2007. A second prototype flew in December 2007. Production was planned to start in October 2007, beginning with complete aircraft before commencing kit production.[1]

The Master was not produced and the design was later acquired by Blackshape of Monopoli, Italy and developed into the Blackshape Prime.[2]