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Simon Quinlank – King of Hobbies

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What’s the biggest leaf?

Top 10 Deadliest Hobbies — TopTenzNet

Blowme Roberts, · Categories: hobbies

Top 10 Deadliest Hobbies — TopTenzNet

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Thrill seeker. Adrenaline junkie. Idiot. There are many names that can be given to people who have deadly hobbies. These people can’t be content with normal hobbies, like hockey or crocheting. They have to push themselves to the limits of what their bodies can withstand. And they could potentially kill themselves while doing it. A single misstep with equipment or your own control, and you could go splat real fast. These hobbies are the world’s deadliest, ranked according to how statistically deadly they are.

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10. Bungee Jumping
9. Scuba/Deep Sea Diving
8. Skydiving
7. Ski Jumping
6. Heli-Skiing
5. Cliff Diving/Base Jumping
4. Boxing
3. Summit/Rock Climbing
2. Motocross/Motorcycle Racing
1. Hang Gliding

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Tower Hobbies Fun 51

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Veridis – Crushing Bones And Other Funny Hobbies (Original Mix) [HD]

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Veridis – Crushing Bones And Other Funny Hobbies (Original Mix)




30 Things To Do When You’re Bored At Home

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30 Things To Do When You’re Bored At Home! When you are bored, use these ideas to have fun :)



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VidCon 2016 – ft. Family Fun Pack, Merrell Twins, Chloe East, Liza Koshy : VLOG IT // GEM Sisters

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VidCon Vlog! In this video we met so many cool YouTubers like Family Fun Pack, Merrell Twins, babyteeth4, Chloe East and Jenna from Seven Super Girls. Plus we found out that Liza Koshy watches our GEM Sisters videos! VidCon 2016 was so much fun and we can’t wait to go back next year.

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Hobbies that will make you money and are easy.

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Hobbies that will make you money . Would you like a extra 100 to 200 dollars a week or more . IVE DONE IT SO CAN YOU. by Ways to make extra money.

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Fun Fly Racing Hobbies Tabacundo 2014

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Fun Fly Racing Hobbies Tabacundo 2014

Damn neighbors with fun hobbies…

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Seaplane hobby in Northern MI

10 Fun Jobs You Wish You Had

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Top 10 of the best jobs in the world. People making a living off fun and some unusual work!
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The popular identifiers associated with your typical, every day jobs are rather hum drum in nature. Get up, get ready for work, sit in traffic, arrive at your desk at 9:00am, lunch break at noon, boring meeting, toil in front of a computer screen until 5:00pm, sit in traffic en route home, repeat. The nine-to-five desk job work day isn’t for everyone, though. Some of us thrive on the unconventional – early mornings or late evenings, business travel, working from home and/or tele-commuting, or some combination of all of the above. When you step out of the standard structure of a place of employment, you open yourself up to a wide assortment of new opportunities, some that you may not have even known exist.

The workplace often carries a negative connotation as a drab, uninspiring environment, but many people in the workforce actually quite enjoy their jobs. Many have, after all, spent time and money on the education and training needed to prepare themselves for the career path they’ve chosen. Now, they enjoy rich, rewarding opportunities to engage in and tackle the challenges involved in their field of work, all the while interacting and working with like-minded colleagues who also boast a specialized focus within that particular field. Sure, some jobs may be mind-numbing, menial and utterly passion-less, but others can often bring fulfillment and offer value.

But they aren’t these jobs, though. Beyond the realm of standard, common career paths lie an alternate series of careers that could only be considered dream jobs if anyone had actually dared to dream about them. Even the high school guidance counselor that preached about everyone finding something they enjoyed doing probably didn’t envision some of these paid work positions being achievable.

Some of the best jobs in the world are more commonplace than others, but most demand some uniquely specialized training and the type of drive and creativity that makes you the ideal fit for a role coveted by many. Some of these jobs went about a hiring process with full awareness of their own highly desirable nature, engineering an internet-driven contest as a means of selecting one supremely qualified candidate. Others have drawn broad attention and curiosity, typically among those rueful for having not caught word of the position earlier, based on the job’s unique nature and inherent appeal in the vein of, “you can get paid for that??” These roles don’t always pay a lot – but some of them do – and instead offer the type of life-changing experiences and impossibly fun work environments to make for an amazing employment experience.

When you navigate through this list of the very best jobs in the world, keep in mind that some lucky guy or gal actually does these things for a living. From plying their trade in an exotic locale to earning wide renown without encountering the drawbacks of fame to taking part in activities that the rest of us poor souls consider hobbies, these employees probably aren’t in a hurry to look ahead to retirement. We’ve scoured the world to find 10 of the best jobs, some of which you probably didn’t know existed.

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