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Colorado Weed Dispensary

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Buying Weed From A Colorado Dispensary



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My first adventure into Colorado last month resulted in me swinging by a dispensary in Colorado to try some of the States finest greens. We were in town for a ski trip and decided to explore Colorado while we were there. Aspen was first on our list for destinations, we had been anxious to ski Aspen for years and this was our opportunity to hit the slopes and really take it all in together. We had purchased some Go Pro cameras to help capture the experience for our video blog we are going to launch this year. We also kept an active journal with a trusty pencil and paper and made note of everything as it happened, and of course had digital photos of the entire experience to share with friends and family. The first nigh there we chilled out by the fire at our rental and drank a few beers, talked, and mentally prepared ourselves for the big day skiing Aspen. If any of you reading this remember Aspen Extreme then you know what I visioned prior to getting there. Yeah, may have been a little dreamy but it’s still what I had store in the memory bank from watching that movie in the 90’s. Next we wanted to hit Denver Colorado to explore the downtown area and eat some good food. Denver was cool, we walked around near the Rockies Baseball Stadium and even swung into a Denver Barbershop to catch a fade. Next we decided to hit the Rocky Mountain National Park to catch a glimpse of the beautiful landscape and wildlife that exists in Colorado. We ended up camping out at the park for a few days and hiking some amazing trails. There were rivers and streams that flowed and were abundant with fish. Had we thought about while we were in downtown Denver we could have purchased a few fishing poles and an Alpacka Raft. The Alpacka is handcrafted in Mancos, Colorado so having a locally made product to navigate the local river systems in would have been epic. That will have to wait until next time though. After our adventures in the Rocky Mountain National Park we decided it was time to head out to Boulder. We had wanted to hike the area, plus boulder is becoming well known for it’s amazing marijuana dispensaries. Coming from California, we are used to smoking some of the finest herb in the country, but there has been word on the streets recently that Boulder was making some noise and we had to check it out. We slid into could late Sunday night and stayed at a hotel in Boulder. The accommodations were decent, but most importantly the shower worked and the water was hot. We had a few rooms and beds between us all so everyone got to rest well in their own bed for the night. We woke up early and headed out on foot to explore the surrounding areas. We found a great little breakfast spot to post up at with WiFi and get some work done. We cranked on a project for about an hour, ate, had coffee, then like clock work we all looked at each other and said “lets get high”. We packed up our stuff and headed out to a weed dispensary in coloradoHelping Hands Dispensary where we found ourselves in the most inviting environment. The shop was packed with locals and people from out of town all looking for the same thing…. WEED! Yup, the shop was packed with the greenest, skunkiest, funkiest, weed we have seen and smelled since we were smoking weed in Humbolt County. This place had a variety of marijuana available for purchase like I have never seen. the variety of strains that they had showed the true variety that was being grown local and shipped in as imports to the state. I am a big fan of organically grown weed, and the local weed farmers in Colorado are doing an amazing job of making it as organic as possible. Not sure the same could be said for the larger commercial growers in the area, but the true green thumbs in the area that appreciate weed like we do and still want to be healthy when consuming it have gone out of their way to make sure pesticides are organic, soils are mulched without toxins, and that the seeds they are purchasing are coming form plants that come from organic gardens. We bought ourselves a variety of green bud and some CBD Oils that were imported from an outside source. Before we headed back to the room we stopped by the store to pick up some snacks, beers, and a few bottles of red wine. After returning to our room we prepared to just veg for the night. We turned on some Trip-Hop jazz infused music and lit the first doobie on the back patio of the loft. The weed had a very good taste, lots of crystals and vibrant orange hairs. It burned rather slow which to me was an indication that it was semi-fresh and not totally dried out. We finished the first joint and everyone seemed to be pretty baked, snacks were being munched, and beers were getting consumed. The view of Boulder from our room was beautiful, the area was very quite, very relaxing, and we were glued to our chairs with the lights dimmed and the music playing softly in the back ground. It was one of the coolest experiences I have had smoking week legally for the first time. Part of me wants to make the move to Colorado to enjoy the luxuries of legalized marijuana. The other part of me wants to stay near the coastline where I can smell, hear, and see the ocean. Either way, both are beautiful and I will definitely be back to buy more weed from a Colorado Dispensary so I can experience that again.