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Womens Golf Clothes

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Why Women’s Golf Clothes Are So Beautiful

fashion on the fairwayWomen’s golf is gaining ground across the country as more young female golfers take to the greens to learn the sport. Golf has long been a mans sport, at least professionally speaking, but the women’s PGA tour is drawing record crowds who are gathering to watch the Queens of the Greens T off and battle for 1st place. Collegiate level women’s golf has also seen an increase in interest among college fans. Like women’s college basketball, golf is being embraced by the players and the fans in abundance. With all the interest in women’s golf comes opportunities for manufacturers to get in on the trends while they are still in early development. The major players have been making women’s golf shoes, clubs, and clothes for decades, but with the internet and it’s long reach, we are seeing smaller designers getting in on the game and capitalizing on the opportunity while it’s hot. There are no signs that the women’s golf industry is slowing down anytime soon, but it should be noted that it could be reaching peak interest. Getting in now as a fashion designer or a club manufacturer is the perfect time to get your name in the game. Small boutique designers like Flirtee Golf Clothes for Women have really taken advantage of this and leveraged social media to showcase designs and modeled attire. The game of golf is a sophisticated game for gentlemen and savvy women and the garment industry has recognized this and created unique lines of designer wear for these players as they walk the courses in search of the perfect game. The clothes are beautiful, they are fashion statements, they resonate sophistication and wealth. The occasional golfing weekend warrior even appreciates a classic pair of golf shorts and a Polo tee while walking the course, it just goes with the game. Fashion is easily becoming the second attraction on the course behind the play of the athletes. Shoes, clubs, and fashion styles are beginning to define players on and off the course. The golf game is evolving and so are the designers that are creating the beautiful garments being worn in the game. Stay tuned as this game evolves and the fashion industry evolves with it.

Get Fit Before The Holidays

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Get FitĀ ForĀ The Holidays

joining a gym

The holidays are creeping up on us real quick so there is no better time than the present to lose that extra body fat and prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. The holiday season is filled with company parties and family gatherings that present some weight gain obstacles for most people. The appetizers, main courses, and deserts can be calorie packed gut bombs that can pack the added pounds before you know it. Alcohol adds unnecessary calories as people mingle and drink socially this time of year. So how can you head into this holiday season and not have to worry about puling punches at the buffet line? It’s a simple solution, start shedding the weight now! There is plenty of time before the first holiday part kicks off in October to drop 10 pounds. Cutting back on the snacks now and getting 30-60 minutes of exercise a day can prepare you for indulgence in November. Get motivated to eat yourself into a food coma by losing the weight now before you ever pack it on. Joining a gym and working with a personal trainer is a great way to help you get motivated and start losing that weight today. There are gyms out there that offer training programs that are geared towards group sessions. Group training activities like boxing, cross fit, aerobics, MMA, and yoga provide members the opportunity to train in a group environment and gain motivation from those around them pushing hard to meet their goals. A personal trainer is an added touch, but much of this can be accomplished with just a gym membership. Locating a gym in your area that offers all of these programs may be tough, so look for something that at least has Cross fit or plyometric training. It’s the interval training that’s gained popularity recently. The morning bootcamps that have multiple stations and rotate every 5 minutes is interval training. There are gyms like Boxing Incorporated in Tucson, Arizona that offer these types of workouts. Many people find that interval training combined with proper dieting yields the results they are looking for. So before the holidays creep up on you and you find yourself passed out on the couch from overeating, think about losing some weight before you even get to that point. It also makes it easier to eat and drink during the holidays when you know you have earned the right to do so. Joining a gym and losing the weight is enough to justify eating like a fatty all through the holidays and into the new year.