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Colorado Weed Dispensary

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Buying Weed From A Colorado Dispensary



city of aspen colorado

My first adventure into Colorado last month resulted in me swinging by a dispensary in Colorado to try some of the States finest greens. We were in town for a ski trip and decided to explore Colorado while we were there. Aspen was first on our list for destinations, we had been anxious to ski Aspen for years and this was our opportunity to hit the slopes and really take it all in together. We had purchased some Go Pro cameras to help capture the experience for our video blog we are going to launch this year. We also kept an active journal with a trusty pencil and paper and made note of everything as it happened, and of course had digital photos of the entire experience to share with friends and family. The first nigh there we chilled out by the fire at our rental and drank a few beers, talked, and mentally prepared ourselves for the big day skiing Aspen. If any of you reading this remember Aspen Extreme then you know what I visioned prior to getting there. Yeah, may have been a little dreamy but it’s still what I had store in the memory bank from watching that movie in the 90’s. Next we wanted to hit Denver Colorado to explore the downtown area and eat some good food. Denver was cool, we walked around near the Rockies Baseball Stadium and even swung into a Denver Barbershop to catch a fade. Next we decided to hit the Rocky Mountain National Park to catch a glimpse of the beautiful landscape and wildlife that exists in Colorado. We ended up camping out at the park for a few days and hiking some amazing trails. There were rivers and streams that flowed and were abundant with fish. Had we thought about while we were in downtown Denver we could have purchased a few fishing poles and an Alpacka Raft. The Alpacka is handcrafted in Mancos, Colorado so having a locally made product to navigate the local river systems in would have been epic. That will have to wait until next time though. After our adventures in the Rocky Mountain National Park we decided it was time to head out to Boulder. We had wanted to hike the area, plus boulder is becoming well known for it’s amazing marijuana dispensaries. Coming from California, we are used to smoking some of the finest herb in the country, but there has been word on the streets recently that Boulder was making some noise and we had to check it out. We slid into could late Sunday night and stayed at a hotel in Boulder. The accommodations were decent, but most importantly the shower worked and the water was hot. We had a few rooms and beds between us all so everyone got to rest well in their own bed for the night. We woke up early and headed out on foot to explore the surrounding areas. We found a great little breakfast spot to post up at with WiFi and get some work done. We cranked on a project for about an hour, ate, had coffee, then like clock work we all looked at each other and said “lets get high”. We packed up our stuff and headed out to a weed dispensary in coloradoHelping Hands Dispensary where we found ourselves in the most inviting environment. The shop was packed with locals and people from out of town all looking for the same thing…. WEED! Yup, the shop was packed with the greenest, skunkiest, funkiest, weed we have seen and smelled since we were smoking weed in Humbolt County. This place had a variety of marijuana available for purchase like I have never seen. the variety of strains that they had showed the true variety that was being grown local and shipped in as imports to the state. I am a big fan of organically grown weed, and the local weed farmers in Colorado are doing an amazing job of making it as organic as possible. Not sure the same could be said for the larger commercial growers in the area, but the true green thumbs in the area that appreciate weed like we do and still want to be healthy when consuming it have gone out of their way to make sure pesticides are organic, soils are mulched without toxins, and that the seeds they are purchasing are coming form plants that come from organic gardens. We bought ourselves a variety of green bud and some CBD Oils that were imported from an outside source. Before we headed back to the room we stopped by the store to pick up some snacks, beers, and a few bottles of red wine. After returning to our room we prepared to just veg for the night. We turned on some Trip-Hop jazz infused music and lit the first doobie on the back patio of the loft. The weed had a very good taste, lots of crystals and vibrant orange hairs. It burned rather slow which to me was an indication that it was semi-fresh and not totally dried out. We finished the first joint and everyone seemed to be pretty baked, snacks were being munched, and beers were getting consumed. The view of Boulder from our room was beautiful, the area was very quite, very relaxing, and we were glued to our chairs with the lights dimmed and the music playing softly in the back ground. It was one of the coolest experiences I have had smoking week legally for the first time. Part of me wants to make the move to Colorado to enjoy the luxuries of legalized marijuana. The other part of me wants to stay near the coastline where I can smell, hear, and see the ocean. Either way, both are beautiful and I will definitely be back to buy more weed from a Colorado Dispensary so I can experience that again.

Trampoline Park Tips And Suggestions For Birthday Parties

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10 Tips When Taking Kids To A Trampoline Park


Trampoline Parks are becoming more and more popular in Fayetteville, Georgia entertainment centers, and party places.  These jumping playgrounds are a great way for families to have fun and wear themselves out after a day of playing. The best part is they’re fun all year ‘round regardless of the weather outside.

trampoline parkAs more and people visit these parks, we wanted to learn as much as we could about safety and planning for a great day of family fun. Our family visited Get Air in Fayetteville. Here’s what you need to know before you visit a trampoline park.

A great birthday party place

We saw a group of kids having the time of their life as part of a birthday party. This is a great bday party idea for kids or adults. The tables were all decorated along with catered food and we didn’t see one child out of a group of 15-20 kids that wasn’t smiling and laughing. We’ll be back for my son’s birthday in March, for sure.

Little kids have their own area to jump

At Get Air, children under 46 inches are not allowed in the main trampoline court. Because of this, Little Air is a designated children’s area made for little ones to roll and tumble without having to worry about any of the bigger kids. There’s also Toddler Time from 10AM – Noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays where toddlers get the park to themselves.

Fill out the waiver in advance

Safety is an important issue, and growing concern, at trampoline parks. We all want to take the utmost precautions while partaking in any adventurous activity seeing how one bad bounce or flip can result in serious and permanent injury.

Taking the time to review and complete the liability waiver in advance will inform you of the best jumping practices and safety rules of the park. Every person in your party needs a separate waiver. We took two of my kids’ friends with us and the online form made it easy for their parents to complete the waiver before our arrival. Nobody jumps without one. Another safety measure they have is this safety video, posted on their website and YouTube. You’ll likely be required to view a safety video before you can jump.

Avoid peak hours

Beware of weekends, school breaks, and other peak times. Get Air has thousands of square feet of trampoline activities, but only one person can use each foam pit at a time. It’s harder than it looks to climb out of a foam pit – a few minutes per jumper. If three or four people are in line in front of you, 25% of your hour could be used waiting for a single turn. That’s a waste of your time and we want you to make the most of the time you have.

Another reason to avoid peak hours is that open trampolines are safer when you don’t have to share with other jumpers. We visited on a Thursday afternoon after lunch and didn’t spend much time waiting. We had plenty of time to use the foam pits and the ninja course was wide open, our younger kids also had “Little Air” to themselves much of the time.

Plan to arrive a few minutes after the hour or half-hour

At Get Air in Fayetteville, GA the entrance fee buys you one hour in the trampoline park. That’s enough to wear out almost anyone, but we want to pass along a tip that will get you a few extra minutes. Get Air uses color-coded wristbands to keep track of time. We arrived at 1:10 pm and were given pink wristbands. At 1:30, everyone with yellow wristbands was asked to leave. At 2:00 pm, everyone with green wristbands was asked to leave. Our pink wristbands were called in at 2:30. So, we actually jumped for nearly an hour-and-a-half by arriving just AFTER 1:00.

kids jumpingWear athletic clothing

My skinny looks, even though they looked fabulous, were not the best choice for trying to jump and get out of a foam pit. You want to be comfortable and flexible when bouncing and trying to keep up with energetic children running all around. Athletic shorts, yoga pants, and t-shirts are good choices.

Don’t wear jewelry while jumping

It would be easy to snag jewelry on the trampoline park mats, nets, foam blocks, or pads. As well as not wanting to damage your jewelry while bouncing around; bracelets and dangly earrings could be safety hazards and should be left at home. The staff at Get Air Fayetteville emphasized how badly they would feel, as would I if I was to lose my wedding ring at the bottom of a foam pit. So, I took it off and left it in the center console of my vehicle.

Leave valuables at home or in the car

On a related note, your purse, phone, and camera are risky items at a place with so many people such as a trampoline park if left unattended. We all want to capture the fun things to do with photos from our phones or camera, but it’s hard to safely keep anything in your pockets while jumping around. I set my purse to the side and carried it from place to place, but bringing personal items past the front desk is discouraged and not a secure option when jumping.

At Get Air in Fayetteville, there are lockers near the front desk that are monitored by camera, but they don’t have locks. So if you don’t have a designated adult to monitor valuables I would suggest leaving them. The staff does a great job of security, but with that many people there, it’s hard to keep an eye on everyone in the seating areas while so much of their attention is focused on the jumpers.

Get the special grip socks

For many reasons, you and your party members will want to wear the grip socks to reduce the risk of having an awkward slip and fall. We purchased special grip socks for $2 that are washable and reusable, so they only need to be purchased once and you can use them every time to visit.

Adults can jump too

Even though my husband and I were the only adults over 25 trying to bust a move into the foam pits. That didn’t stop me from doing my best bouncing hippo impersonation and having a good time. We had a blast and burned a few much-needed calories. Nobody laughed, pointed or seemed to care how unimpressive our trampoline skills were. My husband even made use of the massage chairs after exhausting himself with an hour of exercise. It’s more of a workout than it looks!

Hope you all have fun and found these tips useful. For more information, you can visit the Get Air Fayetteville Trampoline Park website or give them a call and ask a friendly staff member about planning your next birthday party of fun activity.

Paleo Diet for Exercise and Weight Loss

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10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight on a Paleo Diet

I have invited our Butt Kicking Fitness coach Jenny Newman to break down her thoughts on the Paleo Diet and to go over the 10 most common things that keep us from losing weight, even when we’re “trying”. Jenny has coached hundreds of people from average Joe’s to professional fitness models and I’ve never met anyone who lives a more dedicated life. Working with private clients and our program participants, she troubleshoots these common weight loss issues on nearly every day, while teaching and helping people reach their goals along the way. I hope you guys will find this post valuable and encouraging.

The paleo diet is an incredible system to follow. We don’t realize just how much bad food we’ve accepted as okay but, in reality, breaks us down at every level. With a focus on real food, the Paleo diet has helped millions of people overhaul a lifetime of poor eating habits in order to truly feel their best again. With a diet that gives them more energy all day long, with a mind that’s sharp and alert, plus you just feel better about yourself. For some, it’s a great tool for fueling their bodies with the foods they need to power through their day and workout. For others, it’s a great way to remove the foods that are hurting them from their diet. For many, it’s the foundation upon which they use to lose that extra weight.

It’s weight loss that’s actually the most common reason why people start eating paleo. They cut out grains, dairy, sugar and beans from the meals they eat and in weeks start to see the extra pounds fall off. It seems so unlikely and untrue to be that easy, but our nutrition is one of the most abused social topics by major corporations as to what we should be eating, and when we focus on the foods that our body needs, while eliminating the ones it doesn’t – we see a drastic change in how our bodies react and function.

This works for many reasons. When we cut out sugar, grains, refined oils and other hyper-palatable foods – we don’t eat as much. It’s insanely easy to scarf down (and enjoy) two donuts or two pieces of pie, which wrecks our proportions and keeps our body high on blood sugar and low on proteins and good fats (brain food). But you’re not going to be nearly as tempted to go after a second helping of that delicious kale salad you just wolfed down. And you’ll be surprised at how good a kale salad can be when it’s cooked right, plus, even a really good salad won’t break the bank if you go back for seconds.

With a focus on protein and healthy fats at every meal, the paleo diet often helps us begin to hear and find our natural hunger cues and begin to eat on a more intuitive eating schedule based on need instead of want. Meaning we eat less and more often than not we only eat what our bodies need. Why? Because real food sustains the body for longer periods of time. Our bodies burn through carbs, sugars, and such at least twice as quickly, if not faster, than they do real foods. That provides long-lasting energy for our bodies throughout the day. For someone who is looking to lose weight, stop trying to count calories and make eating difficult, simply follow the paleo diet and eat as much as you want of the good stuff.

Like anything, there’s no ‘magic pill’ and the paleo diet isn’t either. But it is an excellent platform to develop a healthier lifestyle and give your body the fuel it needs for you to get more active, rid your body of the things that have given you those extra pounds, and keep your organs performing their best. However, it doesn’t work wonders for everyone right off the bat. So, if you’re not losing weight on paleo, what are you doing wrong? We’re going to discuss the ten common mistakes and how to address them.

Lastly, exercise is important and people looking for gym supplements should check out either this article for protein powders (Is Protein Powder Paleo), or this one for pre workout supplements (Paleo and Pre-Workout Supplements). Here we’re just focusing on the diet itself.

1. You’re still eating comfort foods

While Paleo is recognized for getting rid of the basic foods that we’ve come to know and love as comfort foods (i.e. cookies, cakes, and all things sweet), it’s still possible that you’re holding on a little too much to those sweets that give you a little “hug” when you taste them. It’s very easy to overindulge on certain foods like fruit, potatoes and sweet potatoes, nuts and seeds while staying within paleo guidelines.

Remember, natural sugars ARE sugar too, so limiting fruits to lower-sugar options like berries or 1 serving a day is ideal. Paleo helps you cut back on the sugars that are in your bloodstream, meaning you don’t have the bloodsugar spikes and fat build up that happens when you eat a slice of cake. So, try to limit these foods to meal-time. If you enjoy your daily serving of cashews but are eating more of them than you should, try saving them for your salad for a crunchy fix rather than eating them all day. You want to regulate your bloodsugar level by staying away from carbs and sugars.

2. You’re expecting overnight results

I hate to break it to you: This is going to take some time! Success takes time, and as long as you took you to gain those extra pounds over years or bad habits – your body’s going to need some time to rehabilitate itself and start to recover. You have to work for it, and you have to wait for it. So, be patient and continue doing the right things! Some people see instantaneous results within a week and then after that they plateau. This happens! The body loses a lot of water weight when you stop eating carbs and processed foods, then once the water is gone – it’s time to work on the build up of fat cells.

Don’t give up if things start to slow down. A healthy rate of weight loss ranges from 0.5 pounds to 2 lbs per week, so anywhere in this range is awesome. I mean think about it, your body is beginning to burn some serious weight at this point. It’s no tiny task to shed simply a little weight, and when you start to add that up over time … numbers add up and that’s anywhere from 25-100 pounds per year (depending on where your natural body weight is and how many extra fat cells you have to lose). And keep in mind, slow weight loss = more permanent weight loss.

3. You’re looking at the scale

I get it, if you’re losing weight you want to see the number go down on the scale, that number tells the little voice inside your head you can do this. The problem is, that’s wrong. Seriously. Don’t even look at a scale for at least a month, maybe never. You’re better off without it, knowing you’re doing the right things and that they’re working. And you’ll probably feel a whole lot better when your daily dose of confidence isn’t coming from a machine that self-claims to vary somewhere between 1-5 pounds at any given time.

Beyond being a little a mind game, the scale is very limited on what it’s actually telling you – how much your body weighs. It does not distinguish between the weight of food, water, muscle, and fat. It just adds everything up as if it’s all the same and wraps a pretty little bow on top like it did you a favor. Instead, take notice of how your clothes fit and you may even want to take photos and body measurements. Proteins and muscle weigh more than fat and if you look at fitness journey photos you’ll see that many people first shed pounds in fat to then gain weight back in muscle but with huge smiles on their faces about it. Some people will shed inches without shedding a pound. Just focus on doing the right things = cut out the carbs and sugars.

4. You’re snacking way too much.

ISnack time on the paleo diet looks a little different. While snack time isn’t you on the couch with a bag of cheetos, there are still a lot of healthy snacks that can easily be abused if you’re not careful.

It’s very easy to take a few extra handfuls of the dried fruits which cram in a lot of concentrated sugar or paleo bliss balls. While these things have their time and place, and believe me you should still enjoy yourself from time to time! But, if you’re overdoing it on the snacks then you’re not going lose the weight you want. Those snacks will keep your bloodsugar up and your body’s metabolism of healthy foods at a minimum. Save the treats for special occasions, even enjoy them once a week. But they can’t be every day habits.

5. The only thing you’re changing is your diet.

The paleo diet is an outstanding place to start on your journey to become the best version of yourself, but eating right is the foundation of a much bigger picture of living a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just about the food.

The biggest one is exercise. Nobody’s saying you have to run marathons or do Crossfit to lose weight or workout properly. There are quick and specially designed workouts both online and on dvd that give you a 20-30 minute exercise routine every day. You can easily boost weight loss with a daily, low-impact movement as simple as walking. But getting your heart rate up and your muscles activated means you’re pumping more blood through your system and that means your body is carrying more valuable nutrients to those muscles while removing the waste and fat you don’t want. Another big factor is sleep. If you’re not resting enough, your body is half-assing it, and it might need to work much harder to shed the weight.

6. Your eating too many carbs

Paleo is a low to zero carbohydrate diet. It removes grains and vegetables from your diet, both of which are mostly comprised of carbohydrates. This is NOT to say that carbohydrates are evil (they’re not), and they have their place, but it means that you’re going to have to experiement a little bit to figure out what works best for you.

If you’re active, carbs give you energy in the form of glucose (bloodsugar) for your body to quickly burn. If you eat carbs and then don’t exercise, your body stores much of that as fat. On a paleo diet, carbs can come from potatoes, sweet potatoes, starchy vegetables and fruit. You could even add a little white rice or quinoa.

What this means is that if you’re someone who, for any number of reasons, lives a more sedentary lifestyle, you might want to limit your carbs. If you’re putting your body through a lot of work, then don’t be afraid of carbs as much, if you’re not then they’ll a source of huge weight loss potential.

On another note, women seem to do better with a few more carbs. At first it’s still beneficial to kick out the carbs to kick start your fat burning process, but in the long-term our hormones perform better with a low amount of complex carbohydrates. Hormonal imbalance is commonly a reason why women have problems losing weight. Going too low on carbs, under-eating and also over-exercising (read more about that next) are often the leading factors to hormonal chaos.

7. Exercising, you’re doing it wrong.

If paleo is supposed to be all about approaching our health from a primitive standpoint, you can bet there wasn’t an elliptical anywhere to be found when the cavemen were roaming the Earth. So re-think your fancy gym membership and your workout routine if you’re looking to change your physique.

You don’t trim down by burning a ton of calories and doing more cardio. And it doesn’t take a lot of time to work out properly and effectively. Brief bursts of extreme workout (i.e. sprints) as well as weight-bearing exercise using dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells are two incredibly effective ways of getting you right into form and losing some fat. To lose fat you want your body to work, which means high intensity workouts – the longer you can sustain your high intensity workouts – the more work your body will endure. So if you can push through a hard workout for 20-30 minutes and then get out of there. You’re much better off than an easy comfortable stroll on the elliptical for an hour.

8. You’re over-exercising.

Alongside working out inefficiently comes the problem of overkill at the health club. Sometimes, this is accompanied by the notion that we have to exercise for hours to see results. So lets clear up that in terms of fat burning, those added hours are better invested getting your meal preparation done. The famous saying ‘Abs are made in the kitchen’ is absolutely true. And as much as a regular health and fitness workout will help with the weight-loss and keep your heart healthy and balanced, it’s a compliment to your healthy diet.

If you’re working out twice a day and going to crossfit 6 days a week, plus going for an hour run every morning – you’re going to burn yourself out, and beat yourself up. Over-exercising produces a great deal of physical stress. Your body has to have time to recover and stress to perform its best.

9. Your head isn’t in the game.

There’s a funny thing that happens when you’re trying to all of the sudden become healthy and fit. A person’s initial goal of losing a few pounds or getting back into that black dress they loved so much. But as they start to realize living a healthy life goes beyond the ‘diet attitude’… Their thinking shifts as eating better food becomes more enjoyable, less restrictive, and the only way they eat their weight loss becomes simply a nice bonus to their view of the world.

But for others, they get stuck because this paleo thing is just a quick fix and they must be doing it right so it just doesn’t work for them when they haven’t lost 10 pounds in their first month. People don’t always take the step back to see what’s really going on inside of themselves, the big picture, and how they’re changing their lives for the better even if they don’t see the change on the scale yet.

10. You’re not eating enough.

The paleo diet plan is a great way of eating because it lets you to eat a lot of food without calorie counting. While many people will happily load up their plate with all the veggies, protein, and healthy fats they can get; others don’t fully believe so they take small servings as if they’re only going to take a small slice of cake. They’re trained that ‘smaller sized portions = less calories = less fat’. But, they’re missing an important thing:

If you’re coming from a less-than-stellar diet into a clean eating one then you’re replacing all of your bagels, pasta and rice with new foods, you have to replace that energy with something else. That usually means bigger sections of the healthier foods such as veggies and also healthy protein.

We wouldn’t suggest you go for the all you can eat potatoes, nuts, and dried fruits three times a day, but it is important for you to get in a proper amount of fuel for your body to function properly. You need protein for your muscles, fat at every meal to fuel your brain and metabolism, and lots of vegetables with just a little fruit for adequate fiber intake and essential nutrients. If you’re slacking on any of these areas then your body isn’t getting everything that it needs, which can make it want to hold onto extra weight. And once again, for women it can negatively affect your hormone balance. But it’s okay to eat now that you’re eating good, healthy food – your body will naturally rid itself of the stored fat cells over time and as long as you keep your carbs and sugars down then your body isn’t going to store new fat. You’re on the right path, stick to it.

How to start a Blog – Beginners Guide

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10 Worst Things on Halloween // GEM Sisters

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Fun or Obsession? (when hobbies interfere with relationships)

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LuvBuzd 110: Today we deal w/ a viewer who’s losing her husband to her Xbox. Video games & other hobbies can be problematic when they mess with one’s life. Today we look at some signs & discuss ways to help change the situation for the better. Luvbuzd.TV

My fun hobbies

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New GEM Sisters videos EVERY FRIDAY!

GEM Sisters = Giselle (13), Evangeline (8) & Mercedes (9)

We love getting mail from you! Here’s our address.
GEM Sisters
P.O. Box 3062
Glendale, CA 91221

Our GEM Sisters channel is all about making you LOL! Funny skits, Vines, Relatable and Life Hacks and sometimes Vlogs. We always like to have fun and dress up in costumes, do skits. We have fun videos about holidays like Halloween, Christmas, live events, back to school, live party. We have fun birthday parties. We film vlogs about fun places like Disneyland, Legoland, Disney World, the Zoo. We also love swimming, pools, hiking, going to the beach, summer, back to school. We have lots of LOL videos about embarrassing moments, fun hobbies, bad gifts, pizza challenge, school, picture day, homework. We all love Beanie Boos, Justice, kids movies, Pixar, Nickelodeon, girls clothes, YouTube kids, Disney Channel! We hope you have fun with us!

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Have Fun Hobbies-Vienna,OH 1-6-10 2wd Mod A-Main

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Ideal Hobbies Fun Night Feb 14th

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